Puppy & Kitten Wellness

Puppies and kittens need a series of vaccinations, dewormings and parasite tests to keep them healthy and happy. You could transport your baby to a veterinary hospital for this preventive care, or you could have Dr Steve come to you!

Advantages of puppy & kitten wellness packages:

a) Protecting your new puppy or kitten from contagious diseases that are present in veterinary hospitals and vaccine clinics.

b) Building a relationship with a dedicated veterinarian who knows you, your new pet, and your home.

c) A big discount. Three to four house calls for all of this preventive care would normally cost $700 to $1000. Dr. Steve's puppy & kitten wellness package is just $550.00.

The fine print: Packages are available in Dr Steve's primary territory only, and must be paid in full on the first visit. Dr Steve will determine the number of visits needed, based on your pet's age and vaccination history when the package begins. Partially used packages are not refundable or transferrable.