Imagine A Veterinarian That Comes To Your Home

Dr Steve Smith has over 33 years of experience as a companion animal veterinarian. He and his technician are vaccinated against COVID; they wear protective gear, maintain social distance and work as quickly as possible for everyone's safety.

If you don't need full service at home, virtual counseling is available for $95, by text or email any day of the week. Phone consultations are available by appointment on Friday afternoons. Click here to learn more.

Mobile Services

Dr Steve provides as many veterinary services as he can pack into your yard, driveway, patio, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or balcony.

Puppy & Kitten Wellness

Puppies & kittens need a series of vaccinations, dewormings and parasite tests to keep them healthy for years to come.

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Adult Dog & Cat Wellness

Dogs & cats should have regular check-ups, vaccinations and routine blood tests to make sure that they stay healthy.

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General Medicine

Beyond the basics, there are many common problems in veterinary medicine that can be diagnosed and treated at home.

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Challenging Patients

Fearful or aggressive animals can sometimes be examined and treated more easily on their home turf.

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Travel Preparation

If you are planning domestic or international travel with your pet, Dr Steve can help you to prepare.

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Home Euthanasia

Planning a home euthanasia for your ailing pet is often the kindest and most humane thing that you can do.

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A Better Way

During a house call, your pet will be probably be more calm and relaxed than when they go to a hospital, allowing for a more thorough exam and a more thoughtful consultation.

• Dr Steve can observe how your pet behaves at home, as well as how the home environment influences their quality of life.

• You'll get to see everything that happens, to be sure that your pet is being handled with appropriate care every step of the way. If there's something that you don't want to watch, let Dr Steve know and he'll find a private place.

• When the time comes to say goodbye to a family pet due to injury, illness or other unfortunate events, Dr Steve can come to the home to provide gentle, peaceful and compassionate euthanasia. For additional information about this service, click here.

"Dr. Steve is one of the most compassionate, caring vets I have ever met! He was recommended to me by neighbors and I am beyond grateful to have found him."
Kat, Los Angeles, CA
"Dr. Steve is great, he is there when you need him, much more knowledgeable and passionate than any other veterinarian I have ever used."
Eduard, Los Angeles, CA
"I just had my first in home vet appointment ever with Dr. Steve. It was easy to set up an appointment, and he came right on time."
Allison, North Hollywood, CA
"I asked him a million questions (cuz I'm a crazy cat mommy!) and he answered every one of them, he takes his time and does not rush the appointment."
Sarah, Glendale, CA
"Hands down best vet I've ever had. And I've had lots..."
Katherine, Los Angeles, CA