General Medicine

There are many common problems in veterinary medicine that can be diagnosed and treated at home. Good examples of this include:

• Itching, scratching, allergies
• Problems with skin, eyes, ears
• Minor wounds or skin bumps
• Coughing, sneezing
• Diarrhea, occasional vomiting
• Arthritis, mobility problems
• Weight loss, weight gain
• Increased water intake and urination

Sometimes a thorough examination is all that's needed. If that's not enough, Dr Steve can collect samples from your pet for laboratory testing. Common tests include complete blood counts, blood chemistries, urinalysis, feline viral testing, fecal examinations, bacterial and fungal cultures, and skin biopsies.

When indicated, Dr Steve can perform electrocardiograms and measure blood pressure. While he doesn't do general surgery, he can freeze or cut off small skin tumors, warts & skin tags.

His pharmacy is well-stocked, and most prescriptions can be filled on the spot. Some medications and prescription diets will need to be ordered through local or internet pharmacies, often with next day delivery.

If your pet requires x-rays, ultrasound, anesthesia, dentistry or surgery, Dr Steve can make recommendations about reliable veterinary hospitals in your area that can get the job done.