Challenging Patients

Dr Steve gets calls every day from people that cannot take their pets to a veterinary hospital, because they are too difficult to manage.

Most cats bolt when they catch a glimpse or whiff of their carrier; others scratch and bite mercilessly when their owners try to put them inside. Most dogs resist the idea of walking into a veterinary hospital; others growl, bark, lunge and attack every person and pet in their path.

Thankfully, some of these pets can be examined and treated more easily at home. If you can confine your cat to a small room or hallway, or if you can safely place a collar, leash and muzzle on your dog, Dr Steve will be able to help. Sometimes the right handling technique is all that's needed; other times, an injectable tranquilizer or anesthetic does the trick.

If you have a pet that totally falls outside the lines of cooperation, do not be embarrassed to text or email with as much detail as possible. Dr Steve has helped many pet owners in unusual situations, and he might be able to help you too.

A Few Exceptions

Dr Steve has had very bad experiences with these breeds over the years, so he no longer sees them as patients: Savannah Cat, Mastiff, Rottweiler, Jindo, Shar Pei, Chow Chow, Presa Canario, Cane Corso.