Dr Steve is always happy to answer questions and offer advice about dogs and cats. If you want to pick his brain, fill out the form below as completely as possible, and he’ll do his best to give you a thorough and thoughtful response within 24 hours. If your situation is urgent, you should contact an emergency veterinary hospital instead.

The fee for this service is $100, but if Dr Steve provides a house call for the pet in question within 30 days, you’ll get $50 back.

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Tell Dr Steve what's up.  Here are some examples:

  1. Your pet has a problem. You wonder if their symptoms are serious enough to have them seen by a veterinarian right away, or if it's okay to wait until tomorrow or next week. 
  2. You’d like a second opinion. Dr Steve can review medical records, photos, laboratory reports and x-rays. He’ll let you know what you should do next: get a more thorough exam, run additional tests, seek out a specialist, etc.
  3. You think it may be time to put your pet to sleep, but you need to have a long discussion about their quality of life. This is a time when almost every pet owner needs guidance.

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This advisory service is meant to be informative and educational; it is not a substitute for a veterinary visit. Dr Steve will not be able diagnose, treat or prescribe anything here. If Dr Steve has seen your pet within the last 12 months for the same problem, don’t use this form - call or email instead, it’s free!