Dr. Steve wants to make housecalls available to as many folks as possible. To that end, he offers all sorts of discounts! Check 'em out:


Do you Yelp? If you have a Yelp account and you have more than 5 reviews under your belt, Dr. Steve will give you 20% off all services.

Police, Fire, Military

20% off for men and women who dedicate themselves to service. Active or retired, just flash your ID.

Pets For Patriots

Pets for Patriots’ vision is to end animal homelessness by supporting the permanent placement of adult dogs and cats with every available, able and willing military family in the United States. Dr Steve is proud to offer a 40% discount to pet owners in this program.

Good Neighbors

If you and at least one neighbor (same building, same block) schedule back to back housecalls on the same day, you'll each get 20% off!

Senior Citizens

10% off if you're 60 or over; 20% off if you're 80 or over. ID may be requested if you look too young.

Multiple Pets

If you have 4 or more pets that will need attention on the same visit, you'll get 20% off of all services. Applies only to dogs and cats.


10% off for part-time college students, 20% off for full-time college students. ID required.

Pet Industry Discount

Are you a groomer, dog-walker or pet-sitter? Do you work for a veterinary hospital, pet store, boarding facility or dog trainer? If your job revolves around pets, you'll get 20% off all services.

Pet Rescue Discount

If you are a 501 (c) (3) pet rescue operation, and the pet that needs veterinary care is a current rescue or foster, you'll get 20% off services.

Hardship Discount

Have you recently lost your career, your home or your health? Talk to Dr. Steve. After hearing about your situation, he just might be able to offer you a more manageable fee.

Discounts are for residents of Dr. Steve's primary territory and apply to veterinary services only. Discounts cannot be applied to cremation sevices, decorative urns or engraving, clay pawprints, prescription medication or prescription food.

Please tell Dr. Steve about your eligibility for a discount during the home visit; discount-related refunds cannot be offered for home visits that have already been completed.